Your dancer will love choosing from the wide variety of classes - we really do have something for everyone! Your child will experience a positive, family-oriented atmosphere and will build confidence and make lifelong friends! Not to mention the skills she/he will learn and take with them forever.



Ballet is the foundation of dance and encompasses poise, strength, technique, and grace. Our ballet classes follow the well-respected Cecchetti syllabus. Students are encouraged to take at least two ballet classes per week to enhance their training. Examinations are offered. Pointe Classes are offered for the serious ballet student.

Pointe classes are offered for the serious ballet student. Each student must be in at least Cecchetti III and invited into a Pre-Pointe class. The Pre-Pointe class will help dancers develop the strength and flexibility needed to endure the demands of pointe work. There are four stages that must be successfully passed. Once all four stages are passed, the dancer will be sent for x-rays with a note for the doctor as to what we are looking for.


Once the dancer has been cleared to dance en pointe, only then will they be permitted to purchase pointe shoes. The director often attends the first pointe shoe fitting with the dancer.


Students will learn proper warm-ups, combinations and proper technique in this fun and upbeat class. Students will explore different styles of jazz including commercial/street jazz. Students must be enrolled in a ballet class.


Lyrical & Contemporary

Lyrical/contemporary dancing is a form of dance which fuses modern, jazz and ballet. The student will learn to be more emotionally aware in their dancing, as they will be 'dancing to the lyrics.' Students must be enrolled in at least one ballet class and one jazz class.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an exciting, upbeat form of dance often seen in music videos. Jazz classes are recommended in addition to hip hop to enhance the student's musicality and rhythm.


Leaps & Turns
Our leaps and turns class focuses on just that - leaps and turns! Dancers will learn exciting leaps, turns, and tricks that will greatly improve their technique. Students must be enrolled in ballet.



SHINING STARS (Ages 8-18+)


Acro dance is a combination of dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. We are certified through Acrobatic Arts. This style of dance will push and challenge the student to reach goals they didn't know they could accomplish! Enrollment in ballet is highly recommended.



Our amazing cirque class will teach you aerial dancing with static trapeze, hoop, and silks! We are the only circus certified studio in the area. This is perfect for Cirque du Soleil fans! An additional dance class is highly recommended to work on dance movements and to increase technique. Ballet is optimal. 


Our tap classes follow the famous Al Gilbert Graded Tap method as well as the ATOD street tap syllabus. Each level takes at least 2 years to complete. Students will learn to make rhythmic sounds with their feet.



Ballet variations class introduces ballet students to the famous choreography of ballets such as Swan Lake, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, etc. This class will challenge students in all aspects of ballet including technique, strength, and performance skills and quality. This class is open to any student who is enrolled in a ballet class at any studio, not just Xtreme. 


Our partnering class will give ballet students the opportunity to refine their technique while working with a partner. They will learn various balancing skills, turns, lifts, Pas de Deaux, etc. This class is open to any student who is enrolled in a ballet class at any studio, not just Xtreme. 


Musical Theatre 
This exciting class will help dancers truly flourish as they explore a deeper performance quality. Musical Theatre dance is the study of Broadway-style dance and students will learn famous choreography from musicals such as High School Musical, Hair, Fosse, etc. Dancers will gain acting skills that will dramatically increase their performance quality in all areas of dance!


Acting classes are back at Xtreme! Learn to express yourself through acting games and activities, learn techniques that will bring your acting abilities to the next level, portray various types of characters, and so much more! These classes are also very beneficial for dancers. Take the stage today!


 It is such a caring environment where the kids are taught in such an encouraging way. David walks out of each class with a big smile on his face because he feels so positive. Would recommend Xtreme without reservation <3.

- Denise, Grandmother